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was £112.00
Lapis Lazuli Sphere crystal for sale from Afghanistan. This glorious Lapis Lazuli sphere…
was £15.00
Amethyst Quartz Point crystal for sale from Brazil.This impressive 6.4cm tall cut and…
was £17.00
Blue Apatite Pebble from Madagascar. This glorious 128gram blue Apatite Pebble has…
was £10.00
Moss Agate Heart, crystal for sale from India, This wonderful druzy moss agate heart…
was £120.00
Ammonite Pair 15.7cm, fossil for sale from Madagascar. This lovely cut and polished…
was £6.00
Fruit Jasper Flat Pebble, crystal for sale from India. This lovely 6.7cm long Fruit…

If you are looking to enhance your education by learning more about minerals and quaint crystals found from deep within the rocks then Madagascan Direct happens to be the right source for you.…

History is a great teacher. However, the ancient prehistorical objects excite our curiosity and make us wonder about life in the bygone times. No wonder, the sight of petrified wood or bones of…

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