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This page contains a few of our featured products which we feel stand out from the crowd and are definitely worth taking a look at. We have gone through the web site and these are some of the more unusual fossils and crystals for sale from Madagascar. This might be an Ammonite fossil or a stunning piece of Labradorite or even a beautiful piece of polished natural Citrine. For those of you with different tastes why not try a piece of fossilised triassic wood which is 248 million years old or even a wood boring beetle or spider trapped in copal resin. We even have fossil or crystal jewellery for sale so you can wear something that is millions of years old or is just beautiful to the eye. Please browse this section of natures wonders and pick out something that is truly unique for a gift for someone or just treat yourself.

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was £85.00
Quartz Tea light candle holder, crystal for sale from Madagascar. This wonderful slightly…
was £23.00
Ametrine Double Terminated Quartz Point, crystal for sale. This amazing 6.45cm long…
was £98.00
Jasper Sphere, crystal for sale from Madagascar. This glorious Agatised Jasper Sphere…
was £55.00
Fossilised Wood Tea Light, fossil for sale from Madagascar, This beautiful 14.2cm wide…
was £14.00
Orbicular Jasper sphere crystal for sale from Madagascar. This fabulous Orbicular Jasper…
was £146.00
Chrysocolla Sphere, crystal for sale. This fabulous 6.7cm diameter Chrysocolla Sphere…
was £46.00
Orbicular Jasper Polished Freeform, crystal for sale from Madagascar, This delightful…
was £38.00
Stalactite Slice, Crystal for sale. This fabulous 6.3cm wide Stalactite slice of Quartz,…
was £189.00
Fossil Wood Freeshape, This fantastic 20cm tall Fossil Wood freeform has a natural…
was £98.00
Fossil Wood Book Ends from Madagascar. This wonderful pair of Fossil Wood Book Ends…
was £139.00
Polychrome Jasper Flame Shape Large, crystal from Madagascar. This striking 20.5cm…
was £395.00
Jasper Sphere Large, crystal for sale from Madagascar. This wonderful Agatised Jasper…
was £79.00
Chrysocolla Egg Large, crystal for sale. This wonderful 6.7cm tall Chrysocolla Egg…
was £93.00
Pyrite Sphere, Crystal for sale. This amazing 6.05cm diameter Pyrite Sphere from Peru…
was £59.00
Chrysocolla Heart, crystal for sale. This wonderful 7.4cm wide hand made Chrysocolla…
was £29.00
Pyrite Egg, Crystal for sale. This stunning 4.85cm tall Pyrite Egg from Peru is made…
was £32.00
Chrysocolla Pebble, crystal for sale. This gorgeous 6.7cm wide hand made flat Chrysocolla…
was £79.00
Pyrite Heart, Crystal for sale. This incredible 8.6cm wide Pyrite Heart from Peru is…
189 products    
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